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        Andre's Fine Jewelers has been the destination for truly unique jewelry for over three decades. Over that time we have delivered thousands of custom designed rings. Our customers have come to us to mark the most memorable moments of their lives, from their engagement to the birth of their children, birthdays, retirements and everything in between. We take your pictures and ideas and advise you on design composition. We rough sketch an idea, and upon your agreement, create a computer generated rendering. After your approval of the rendering we start the manufacturing process. At each stage you have the opportunity to see the progress, from the rendering, to the wax, to the rough casting all the way to the finished product. We take the time to build these relationships with our customers, because we understand that each moment of your life is unique to you and the people you share it with. Don't settle with mass produced jewelry, bring out your identity with a unique design that resonnates with your lifestyle. Andre's will help you design a unique piece of jewelry by summing the elements you like from  other pieces, without compromise, to create a one of a kind piece of jewelry.


        Our relationship to the customer usually begins with their engagement. After talking with friends and family, reading through countless online blogs giving advice on everything you should do, the man goes out on his own looking for the perfect ring. Sometimes, this can be a frustrating experience as it may be a man's first experience with fine jewelry. He doesn't really know where to go and visits the mall stores, but quickly starts seeing the same rings everywhere and nothing quite like what he knows she wants. At Andre's, he finds something different. He finds a staff that understands the emotions behind this ring. Your fiancee has dreamed of this ring, and more often than not, with a very specific image in mind. We work with you, using our expert craftsmanship, experience and attention to detail to craft that special, one of a kind ring that was only ever made for her hand.


   You can browse a small selection of our computer generated renderings that were  made for custom engagement ring orders. Please note that because they are renderings, the angular appearance of some elements is necessary for the manufacturing process and does not reflect the hand finishing applied by our expert jewelers.


Here is an example of a computer generated image next to the actual finished ring. Note that the channels and prongs in the computer generated image are thicker and blockier than they are in the finished product.
Computer Generated Image Finished Product

        Being engaged is one of the most exciting moments in anyone's life. You've taken the unshakable bond you hold and decided to share this feeling with the world. Florists, venues, guest lists and other preparations start to come together, and at some point during all of this you have to pick out both of your wedding bands. Regardless if you bought your engagement ring with us, we can help make it an easy and satisfying process. For her band, our experienced designers can make a wedding band that uses aspects of the engagement ring's design to create the wedding set that she's always wanted.


You can browse a small selection of custom made wedding bands that we have produced for our clients. Please note that they are computer generated images and they do not reflect the finishing touches made by hand. Because of this, certain aspects may appear bulkier than they would in the finished piece.



        Bringing a new life into this world is a beautiful experience and there's nothing quite like it. You live each day of those nine months of anxious anticipation, with every day bringing you closer that new member of your family. This experience, along with all of the joy and happiness that child brings throughout the years as they grow is something you will both cherish forever. We are happy and proud to have had a part in commemorating this experience for many couples.


You can browse a small selection of custom made pieces that are produced exclusively by Andre's Fine Jewelers. If you have any questions about any of these pieces, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.


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