Blocks Of Love | Personalized Mother Birthstone Necklace


The Blocks of Love pendants and name plates are exclusively designed and manufactured by Andre's Fine Jewelers. These personalized birthstone necklaces crafted in 14Kt gold, 10Kt gold and non tarnish sterling silver are the perfect way declare your identity, or for a mother to display her children's names with pride. An ideal gift for birthdays, Mother's Day or for any occasion that celebrates a mother's unique love. Great for grandmothers too. Wear it for yourself or keep your special someone's name on your heart. Add a stone as a birthstone or as a tribute to the significant month it represents.


The idea Andre and Carol had in creating the first Block of Love necklace was to find an element for mothers to be able to celebrate their children with a unique piece of jewelry that could grow as the family grew. Our own parenting memories were the inspiration for the Blocks of Love design. There have always been name plates like the Carrie necklace from “Sex and the City”, but we wanted something that would bring to mind the simple and peaceful time when mom and baby would sit on the floor and play with wooden baby blocks.


Remember the giggles as your child knocked over the tower of blocks you built? It was a game neither of you ever tired of playing. Later, when you were teaching her the alphabet, maybe you used those same blocks to show her the letters in her name. Think back on the surge of love and pride you felt the first time she spelled her name with those blocks. Have you ever looked at wooden baby blocks without recalling those wonderful memories? Now you have a way to evoke those feelings and revel in them all over again.


Every Blocks Of Love design necklace is custom made just for you. Each letter forming the name is precisely carved, and is raised from the lower area to give it a three-dimensional design. Any combination of 3 to 12 letters is possible, so even unique spellings are available. The letters are carved into each pendant to create a piece of truly personalized mother's jewelry. The Blocks of Love are available in 10K, 14K and 18K in yellow, white or rose gold, as well as in sterling silver.The Blocks of Love are not only copy written designs, but the process is patented.




Each block holds one brilliant cut 3.5mm genuine birthstone that corresponds to the birth month of the individual that it represents. For the months of May, June, July and September we use lab created birthstones. Upon request we can use all genuine birthstones as well as using diamonds for the month of April. Pricing will be accordingly changed. The diamond is 0.17ct to 0.20ct, I to K in color and SI in clarity. The birthstones that we use in the Blocks of Love pendant are: