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At Mars, quality really matters. Their extensive collection offers a wide variety of styles to choose from that showcase their impeccable attention to detail and experienced artistry. As you browse through the products showcased below, you’ll notice that no detail is too small, as many of the rings feature their impeccable hand engraving. With their attention always focused on you, satisfaction is guaranteed with a design from Mars.


Brilliant Cut Double Halo Engagement Ring


MSRP          $2,255

Brilliant Cut Rebel Hearts Engagement Ring


MSRP          $1,580

Pear Cut Ever After Engagement Ring


MSRP          $1,205



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Brilliant Cut Infinite Allure Engagement Ring


MSRP           $945

Oval Cut Grand Estate Engagement Ring


MSRP          $2,980

Brilliant Cut Grand Luxe Engagement Ring


MSRP          $6,120



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Brilliant Infinite Allure Engagement Ring


MSRP           $1,360

Brilliant Cut Luxe Engagement Ring


MSRP          $2,750

Brilliant Cut Grand Estates Engagement Ring


MSRP          $4,225



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Two-Tone Split Shank Engagement Ring


MSRP          $1,855

Ever After Engagement Ring


MSRP          $1,545

Brilliant Ever After Engagement Ring


MSRP          $3,950



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Simple Twist Engagement Ring


MSRP          $515

Tapered Milgrain Engagement Ring


MSRP          $1,095

Classic Ever After Engagement Ring


MSRP          $2,210



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Antique Milgrain Engagement Ring


MSRP          $1,400

Open Grand Estates Engagement Ring


MSRP          $1,055

Milgrain Peek-a-boo Engagement Ring


MSRP          $1,360



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