Andre’s Fine Jewelers: A Premier Jewelry Destination in Downtown Brighton, Michigan

Andre’s Fine Jewelers: A Premier Jewelry Destination in Downtown Brighton, Michigan

In 1985, a young Frenchman, André Duscio, started his career in jewelry as a wholesale manufacturer. At the time, he was one of only a few jewelry manufacturers in the Midwest who was able to do gold stamping and casting. As his company grew, the Farmington, MI showroom was opened to the public. Word spread quickly and soon, customers were seeking Andre out for custom jewelry. From customers’ rough ideas and sketches brought in on cocktail napkins, André was able to translate their ideas into finished masterpieces that were the envy of every beholder.

Over time, the business continued to evolve. West Bloomfield was once home to Andre’s Fine Jewelers, but since 20xx, Brighton, MI has been able to boast being home to Michigan’s premier custom jeweler. The showroom is located in charming downtown Brighton (click here for a location video).

Since opening its doors, the staff at Andre’s Fine Jewelers has remained deeply committed to blending art and science. When a customer sits down with one of the designers, they are usually coming with some ideas about what they want. Sometimes they only know what they don’t want. Sometimes their ideas are crudely sketched out on cocktail napkins. Sometimes they are elaborately drawn out with colored pencils and margin notes. No matter how the ideas are presented to the designers, they strive to understand what the customer truly desires. It happens often that what the customer wants is a feat that many jewelers would say is impossible. But that’s just because they don’t know how to do it. And the adventure of figuring out how to make the impossible a reality is the type of challenge the designers at Andre’s Fine Jewelers yearn for.

Once the ideas have been solidified and the piece discussed with the customer, the designer sets out to work creating the design on a computer using the most advanced CAD/CAM design software. Then the manufacturing process begins. From start to finish, the manufacturing process is done in-house with state-of-the-art technology, including lasers, 3D printing equipment, and a computer-controlled 5-axis mill. As a small business owner, André is committed to doing business with other small American businesses. All of the manufacturing machinery is purchased from US-based small businesses. By nurturing these small business relationships, Andre’s Fine Jewelers is able to closely work with companies to design and create special equipment that is specific to Andre’s Fine Jewelers. All of these technologies, business relationships, and adherence to the preservation of art and style make it possible to bring to life the jewelry longings of the customer, like no one else can.

The experience needed to create this kind of atmosphere and luxury is significant. But Andre’s Fine Jewelers also prides itself on value. They are committed to providing the highest level of service and quality products at a fair price. For no more than one would spend at a jewelry retailer, Andre’s Fine Jewelers can craft a truly unique piece of wearable art.

There is so much more to jewelry than what meets the eye. The experts at Andre’s Fine Jewelers are eagerly waiting to share their knowledge and love of jewelry with southeast Michigan (and beyond!). Stop in to the Brighton store and keep checking back here for jewelry education, the latest trends, and featured products.

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