Lovin’ You is Easy Cuz You’re Beautiful…

Here’s the bad news: winter is still coming hard. The snow, the slush, the wind (oh my word, the cold, ruthless, bitter wind). It’s not great. But it’s not without its redeeming qualities. First, my birthday is almost here! You probably find that less exciting than I do, I imagine. February has more to offer, though, than the annual celebration of my birth. That’s right: Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day means different things to different people. I nor my husband have really ever been into Valentine’s Day and at this point in our lives together, I feel like maybe we’ve been shortchanging ourselves all these years.


In honor of the most romantic day of the year, I thought I’d make up for it a little bit. I’m going to live vicariously through you. I have done the hard work, guys, of planning an awesome Valentine’s Day date. And you get to take all the credit for it.


But before you run off to the card store, a couple of disclaimers: First, every girl is different. You will need to tailor these suggestions to your leading lady. When coming up with ideas to blow your date’s socks off, I tried to tailor them with three types of girl in mind. First, the athletic adventurer. Second, the cool “it” girl. And third, the kid-at-heart girl. The second thing I want you to remember is that I’m from metro Detroit, so Valentine’s Day is usually accompanied by temperatures well below freezing and frozen precipitation. My suggestions will reflect these conditions. ?


-The Athletic Adventurer-


Now, I’m not super athletic. I run (because I LOVE it), but that’s about as far as it goes. So this probably wouldn’t be the date for me. For this girl, something fun and active is the key to her heart. That can be a challenge in the Midwestern dead of winter, but with a little forethought and planning, you actually have a lot of options to satisfy the wanderlust of the adventurer.


Work with your surroundings. Mother Nature dropped a foot of snow? Bring it, woman. We can go skiing or snowboarding. There are a ton of good places to frolic in the snow. A quick Google search will yield answers. If an evening hitting the slopes in the blistering cold doesn’t sound like it will win you any favors, consider some fun indoor sporting activities. Rock climbing, fowling, and bocci ball are all great alternatives to outdoor events.


As far as food goes with your athlete queen, I would recommend something a little on the healthier side. An afternoon of activity doesn’t pair well with a rich, heavy meal. Go for something cool, but not disastrous for the girl who is health conscious.


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Stretch bracelet with polished rose quartz beads

Rose Quartz Bead Bracelet

Stretch bracelet with round amazonite beads

Amazonite Bead Bracelet

Bracelets - 88200.jpg

Hematite Bead Bracelet


For a gift, you have some great options that strike the perfect balance between fashion and utility. Lacking much of the frivolity of some pieces, these semi-precious stone bead bracelets can be worn with so much. They can be dressed up or down. And without tricky clasps, faceted stones, or filigree metal, these streamlined picks won’t overwhelm the girl who likes things a little more classic and simple. These bracelets make the most striking statement when worn in pairs or triples. I would suggest, personally, going with the rose quartz (which is historically associated with love), the amazonite, and the hematite. This trio also gives her the option of wearing one or two, increasing the versatility in wearability.


-The Cool “It” Girl-


I’d like to think this is me. I’m probably wrong, but in my head, I’m a cool girl. So if I were planning the dream date for me (honey, are you listening?), I would start with a decadent dinner at a sophisticated restaurant downtown, preferably one near Campus Martius (like Parc). Then we’re off to a jazz club (Cliff Bell’s, for example), because the sultry atmosphere feels straight out of prohibition. Then, order your lady a funky cocktail, preferably slightly fruity (assuming she likes fruity drinks). Sit back, listen to the jazz bands, and enjoy each other’s company.


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Necklaces - 76048.jpg

Moonstone Spike Necklace

gold plated sterling silver snake ear cuffs with cubic zirconia

Snake Ear Cuffs


Now, the It Girl, if she’s anything like yours truly, likes to make a statement. Jewelry for her is going to be edgy, fun, and different. My pick for this girl are the Come Slither Snake Ear Cuffs and the Moonstone Spike Necklace. The ear cuffs aren’t a traditional earring. Instead of piercing the ear lobe, these cuffs hug the outer ear, leaving room for a more traditional pair of earrings if she wants. The edginess of the snake is tempered by the yellow gold plating and the sparkle of the faceted cubic zirconia. The Moonstone Spike Necklace is the perfect accompaniment for the cuffs. Moonstone is a beautiful semi-precious stone. This variety, with its warm gray undertones, is very on-trend right now. The spike shape really speaks to the snake cuffs in a way that says, “Don’t mess with me…because I took a lot of time to plan this bangin’ outfit and I don’t want it to be disturbed.”


-Kid-at-Heart Girl-


Now this girl is fun. I hope to one day be this girl, but since I have kids, it hits a little too close to home. When I go out on a date with my husband, I want all the kid-inappropriate fun we can handle. But when my kids are grown, or way before I had kids, this girl was me. To impress that me, you have many options. First, work with the weather. Similar to our athletic adventurer, show this girl a fun time outside. Prepare a snowball fight, or take her to an off-the-beaten-path sledding hill. Then you can warm up with hot chocolate and s’mores. For dinner for this fun-lovin’ gal, I would suggest some good barbeque or comfort food. Fortunately, the Detroit area has some great picks in this genre. There is one great place in particular in Corktown (Slow’s) that serves the most divine macaroni-and-cheese.


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83752 Multi Gemstone

Gold Plated Sterling Silver Multi-Stone Ring


The key to getting jewelry for this girl is to balance the youthfulness of her character with the fact that she is actually an adult. Luckily for you, we have something that will strike the perfect chord with her. My favorite is the Multi-Stone Ring. I love this ring because of its personality. The three-row ring features six different semi-precious gems, like amethyst (with is the February birthstone), turquoise, and citrine. All the stones are bezel set and they are artfully placed in complementary locations. They remind me of candy or bubbles. That will resonate with a girl who is still young at heart.


I know not everyone agrees with how some people celebrate Valentine’s Day. I tend to come down on the subject like this: it’s winter and it’s cold and dreary. If taking your significant other out for a special date in the middle of the nastiest month (weather-wise anyway) and giving them a little something sparkly makes them happy, why not do it? That show of caring and kindness can only help this world. So for those of you who get really into Valentine’s Day, carry on. And for those of you who don’t, carry on. As for me, I will probably be making fettuccine alfredo from scratch for my family (it’s my kids’ favorite), complete with heart-shaped noodles and homemade heart sugar cookies for dessert. Until my kids are grown and my husband and I can go out again, this is all the romance I need.


But I wouldn’t mind something sparkly wrapped up with a velvet ribbon.

Hugs and Kisses,


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