Spotlight on Sterling Silver Jewelry

One of jewelry’s greatest strengths is that it can be used as a form of personal expression. There are so many styles, different gemstones and diamonds that can be added, and so many metals that can be used to house and protect those precious gems. Along with the impressive collection of gold and platinum jewelry, Andre’s Fine Jewelers is proud to carry a premier line of sterling silver jewelry to meet the varying jewelry needs of women.

Sterling silver has been a popular metal choice for jewelry crafting for centuries. Part of its strong allure is that it provides a beautiful and bright white metal backdrop for stones. Finer sterling jewelry makers, like the one Andre’s carries, even set their pieces with diamonds and gemstones, like gold jewelry, instead of just gluing it in, like so many lesser quality silver brands.

Alas, like all great things, sterling silver also has one notable drawback, to which anyone who has ever worn sterling silver can attest: tarnish. Tarnish is the copper-toned discoloration that spreads on sterling silver like an oil slick. This is caused by the alloys in the silver oxidizing, since they are exposed to air. Regularly cleaning helps reduce the appearance of tarnish. But, especially for jewelry, you don’t want to overuse polishing. When silver is polished, whether that is an antique serving tray, or a sterling bracelet, what the polish actually does is remove a very fine layer of silver. Over time, and with overzealous polishing, definition and embellishment elements can start to lose their crispness and detail.


Sterling silver at various stages of tarnish


When it comes to sterling silver jewelry, there is a beautiful way to combat this: plating. When the silver is plated, it is protected from the oxygen in the air. By reducing the silver’s exposure to the air, tarnishing can be significantly reduced. The plating can be made from a variety of metals, including gold (14k or 18k yellow or rose gold), white rhodium (which is what white gold is plated in to make it bright and super white), black rhodium, or ruthenium (which is closely related to rhodium). Most of the sterling silver jewelry offered by Andre’s Fine Jewelers has been plated in commitment to the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship. Some of our pieces are not, as they are patinaed to have an antique look.

Andre’s Fine Jewelers is honored to carry one of the most inspiring collections of sterling silver in southeast Michigan. The pieces, which run the gamut from simple everyday staples to special occasion stunners, are specially chosen and curated by the team at Andre’s Fine Jewelers. Each piece is selected for its allure, form, and creativity. The team has also made a commitment to choosing pieces that you can further customize with engraving.

Come visit the latest in sterling silver jewelry trends at Andre’s Fine Jewelers’ downtown Brighton showroom. The expert staff there looks forward to pairing you with just the right thing.

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