Spring Forward!


Trends in fashion change quickly, and along with them, jewelry trends evolve. So while most people are ogling the runways for the clothes and makeup, I am laser-focused on the jewelry. Fortunately for us, the spring collections have already been shown, so we have a good idea of what the spring trends are going to be in jewelry.


Let’s dive right in…and sink to the bottom. Because the earrings that were featured on the runway would drag you straight down. Large statement earrings popped up all over the place. Now, I personally find the ones featured on the runways a little too heavy for spring wear. In the spring, I like to feel lighter and fresher. I like to usher in the season of rebirth without feeling so laden down by my accessories. On the other hand, I love a good earring. But you can make a statement without your earrings scraping your shoulders. If earrings are your thing and you like the idea of a more subdued statement earring, check out our collection of sterling silver drop earrings.


I have two favorites: the Confetti Semi-Precious Stone Drop Earrings and the Diamond Chip and Green Glass Earrings. The Confetti earrings feature five different semi-precious stones (like rose quartz, blue chalcedony, and prehnite [a light lemon yellow gem]). They are all faceted, but they are cut in different shapes, from round to tear drop to marquis. These beauties are approximately 2.5” long, giving you a bold way to make a statement without going overboard. The Diamond Chip earrings are about 2” long. Three rustic bars hang from an sideways-oriented oval of faceted green glass. And on those rustic bars are rough black diamond chips. The earrings have a total weight of 1.10 carats (which means .55 carats per earring).


sterling silver drop earrings with five different semi-precious stones

Confetti Semi-Precious Stone Drop Earrings

Gold-plated sterling silver earrings with green glass and diamond chips

Diamond Chip and Green Glass Earrings


Continuing on, I just need to let you know that this is going to be the spring for me. Big earrings? Check. Pearls? Check. That’s right. Pearls. Pearls have long been a favorite of mine. My mother gave me my first strand of pearls for my 21st birthday (gifts of jewelry at milestone birthdays are sort of a thing for me). Since then, I have loved pearls. I love that they are an organic gem. There are precious few organic gems used in jewelry. But beyond that, the spring and summer runways made liberal use of pearls. But not your grandmother’s pearls. Large or irregularly shaped pearls are being used. And they are not just being used in a strand of pearls. Oh no. They are being incorporated into really interesting and unique pieces of jewelry. To keep with this trend, I would go with the Wave Pearl Bracelet. This bracelet features cream freshwater pearls separated by delicate wavy sterling silver spacers. Another benefit of this bracelet is that it would layer beautifully with other bracelets. Layering is another trend this spring and summer. Although I would submit that layering has never really gone out of style. I almost always wear multiple bracelets and/or multiple necklaces.


Sterling silver wave design bracelet with freshwater pearls

Wave Freshwater Pearl Bracelet


Another trend this spring has you walking on the wild side. Animal motifs were prominently featured on several big-name runways. Now, I’m not talking just butterflies here. I mean all different specimens from the animal kingdom. If you want to be the queen of the urban jungle, I have the perfect pair of earrings for you. The Come Slither Snake Ear Cuffs hit all the right notes: animal motif, totally encrusted with cubic zirconia, and an intriguing take on a traditional earring.


gold plated sterling silver snake ear cuffs with cubic zirconia

Come Slither Snake Ear Cuffs


My last favorite spring jewelry trend is the mix-and-match idea. In fact, I think this is my absolute favorite for the spring. Or for all time. I love the idea of mixing and matching. Anyone who knows me knows that I am all about shaking things up and pairing things that don’t follow the traditional “this goes with this” rules. A few words of unsolicited advice about mixing and matching:


1.If you are going to mix metal colors, do it evenly. For example, don’t wear three pieces of white gold and then one rose gold piece of jewelry. Try to keep things mixed evenly.


2.Don’t be afraid to wear different earrings. This is probably the thing I noticed most on the runways. Very, very, very different earrings. For example, a chandelier earring in one ear and a stud in the other. Or a hoop in one ear and a strawberry in another. Wearing different earrings can be a particularly great look if you have an asymmetrical hair cut (like I do).


One of the greatest things about spring is that we get to shake off the cold winter and embrace the warming rays of sun. As the new spring flowers poke through the ground, we can poke at the newest trends in fashion and jewelry.

Looking forward to spring,


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